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ZX82 8 Zone Expansion Module

R1233,60 (Incl. VAT)

ZX82 8 Zone Expansion Module.

The ZX82 provides visual indication for the zones (open, closed, tamper) as well as power and data exchange with the panel.
The ZX82 comes with its own ABS box that is easy to install, on-board tamper protected and integrated locking mechanism, that can be upgraded for metal key standard lock.

The 8-Zone Expansion Module ZX82 connects on the keypad bus of EVO, Spectra or MG panels. The ZX82 provides up to eight additional hardwired zone inputs, as well
as on-board anti-tamper switch.


  • Expansion of 8 additional zones
  • Supports SP65, SP6000, MG5050 and EVO
  • 4-wire bus connection
  • Status LEDs for zones, power and bus data
  • Enclosure with cover lock mechanism
  • On-board and wall tampers
  • Firmware upgradeable

ZX82 Expansion Module Installation Manual


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