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Skunk Slave Ceiling Mounted Pepper Spray Alarm System

R3999,10 (Incl. VAT)

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Skunk Slave Ceiling Mounted Pepper Spray Alarm System

  • L380mm x W250mm x D70mm.
  • All slave units can be connected to any of the master pepper spray units, connect up to 2 Slave units per Master Unit.
  • Slave units with and without battery back-up.
  • Can be connected to the existing alarm.
  • Connects to master unit as a slave.
  • Easily installed (DIY) Slave Units do not come standard with passives. Passives can be added on at an additional cost.
  • Images are just for display purposes only.
  • Includes 1x 425ml Canister  – Up to 6 Sprays Per Canister.
  • 1x 7amp Battery Last up to 5 days.
  • 1x Plug in Transformer.
  • All units can be directly charged by a Solar Panel, minimum 40 watt panel required.

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