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Skunk Pepper Spray 110ml Fog

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Skunk Pepper Spray 110ml Fog

  • 100% natural Pepper Spray- No safety cap.
  • Pepper spray,  is a mist which is emitted as the actuator is depressed creating a spray towards the intended direction.
  • Once sprayed the oleo-resin capsicum will affect all in the immediate area depending on wind direction.
  • 60ml Handheld Pepper Spray Canister Still small enough to fit into a bigger handbag, long spray range and safety cap.
  • 110ml Handheld Pepper Spray Canister Ideal for joggers, cyclists, cars, long spray range and safety cap.
  • 225ml Handheld Pepper Spray Canister Made for the police and security sector, big fire power and safety cap.
  • 425ml Replacement Canister A replacement canister for the pepper spray alarm system.
  • Warning Do not use pepper spray products inconsiderately or maliciously. It is a crime.
  • This product is for the purposes of self defense only.

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