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Sherlotronics MB4000 GSM GPRS Communicator

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Sherlotronics MB4000 GSM GPRS Communicator



The GSM module is designed to be used exclusively with the MB4000 Wireless Mimic base unit. The GSM unit dials out pre defined SMS messages programmed in the MB4000 unit. Messages can be up to 40 Characters long and are normally the address of each Panic Remote which is pre-programmed into the MB4000. The MB4000 can be programmed to message two unique cellular numbers per remote zone and up to 32 Master numbers can be programmed in. The unit requires a standard SIM card without the Pin number enabled.


  • Quad-Band 80590018001900MHz TGPRS multi-slot class 108 Compliant to GSM phase 22  Class 4 (2W @ 850900MHz)   Class 1 (1W @ 18001900MHz)  GPRS mobile station class B Control Via AT Commands Low power consumption


  • Model GSM TCategory Wireless Modem Transmission frequency GSM 85090018001900MHz.
  • Transmission method GMSK TITU.
  • Emision Code 200kGXW TVoltage range 12V to 15 VDC Sleep mode current consumption < 40mA 0.49W TCurrent consumption on TX < 2A Peak.
  • Operating Temperature -7C to 49C.
  • Dimension (lxbxh) 150x 70 x 45mm.
  • TGross weight 105g.


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