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Perimeter Light Power Supply PCB 24V

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Perimeter Light Power Supply PCB 24V




  • The power supply trigger module works in conjunction with a 12VDC power supply, such as the Nemtek 2Amp power pack.
  • The power supply trigger module converts the 12VDC input power to 24VDC output power to drive the LED lights.
  • The power supply trigger module also controls how the lights are turned off and on via inputs on the pcb.


  • Lights can be triggered in three ways:

– Energizer alarm trigger.

– Remote on and off.

– Day/night switch.

  •  Wet/dry contacts are configurable on the power-supply trigger module.
  • Low-voltage cabling is run along the fence line to provide power to the light.


  • Input voltage 12VDC .
  • Maximum input current consumption 2A.
  • Output voltage 25.5V.
  • Maximum output current 800mA at 25°C.
  • Maximum number of connected light modules 40.
  • Trigger input voltage 10 – 30VDC.
  • Maximum trigger input current consumption 1.5mA.
  • Number of trigger inputs 3 (configurable as wet or dry contacts).
  • Operating temperature -20° – 50°C.
  • Mounting 3 x 3mm holes.
  • Over-current protected Jumpers configured for dry contact.
  • Spaced to mount inside Nemtek power pack 2Amp.

Perimeter Alarm Indicator System


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