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Paravision IR 2 Beam 40 Meters

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Paravision IR 2 Beam 40 Meters




  • 4 Frequencies selectable for long distance and stacking installation
  • Double-precision digital display signal strength
  • Interruption time adjustable, user can adjust it accodring to environment and scenes
  • Intelligent heating function, effectively eliminate ice and frost, adapt to hars environment
  • Progressively infrared signal processing functions (cmparable with AGC function) to ensure the item work in wind, frost, snow, fog, moisture, direct sunlight and other bad weather
  • Digital CPU control circuit to control the transmitter and receiver
  • Optional assisting equipment for alignment infrared beam, improving the efficiency
  • Wide range voltage design, power supply between AC/DC 12-24V, easy for centralized power supply
  • A variety of applications C relay outputs
  • Tamper switch, open if the cover is removed
  • Waterproof grade: IP65
  • Alignment angle horizontally ±90°, vertically ±10°S

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