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Paradox ZX22 Transmitter 433MHz

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Paradox ZX22 Transmitter 433MHz.


  • 2-zone Wireless Expansion Module that provides two-zone input expansion to the Paradox panels.
  • Fully supervised and provides tamper supervision.
  •  Performs a battery test every 12 hours. If the voltage is below 2.5V, 6.7V or 10.5V (depending on the input), the red LED will flash at 8 second intervals and the ZX22 will transmit a low battery signal.
  • Compatibility MG5050 v4.92 and higher; SP6000 v7.14 and higher (with an RTX3) SP65 v5.40 and higher (with an RTX3) Evo192 v7.31 and higher (with an RTX3) BabyWare v5.4.8 and higher Infield v5.5.2 and higher.

ZX22 Transmitter Installation Manual


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