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Paradox NVX80 Indoor or Outdoor Detector

R3176,20 (Incl. VAT)

Paradox NVX80 Indoor or Outdoor Detector.

Paradox NVX80 is a powerful indoor outdoor detector that is highly sensitive, accurate and maintains reliability, even in extreme environments. The NVX80 is the only detector in the industry offering eight detection channels – 4x forward looking PIR channels (2x quad interlock geometry sensors), 2x microwave channels and 2x standalone creep detector (1quad sensor with interlock geometry). Paradox’s unique detection enhancement technology uses dual-tech infrared and microwave motion detection to identify camouflaged movements to “see through” tricks used to breach common PIR and dual tech detectors. 2 levels of enhanced security within a 12 meter range  Secure Mode – provides enhanced detection sensitivity without losing detection reliability. Sterile Mode – makes it almost impossible to move undetected in the protected area.


  • A large detection pattern (15m x 15m)
  • Certification: EN 50131 Grade 3 Class IV
  • Available in bracket configuration and wall mount
  • All-weather cover included

Installation Manual



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