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Paradox IP180 Internet Module with Wifi Incl Antenna

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Paradox IP180 Internet Module with Wifi Incl Antenna


The IP180 Internet Communication Module is used to report and connect remotely to Paradox systems via the internet. Reporting to the central station’s CMS is possible via Paradox IPC10 Receiver/converter.

The IP180 connects to the system remotely with the BlueEye application, PC software, and provides remote upgrade of the system.

It can connect with an Ethernet cable or over Wi-Fi or both with fail over. The IP180 can also be upgraded remotely.

The IP180 can also send system events via email.



  • Internet module
  • Uses MQTT technology
  • Supports up to 4 receivers
  • Has Ethernet and WiFi on board
  • Compatible with EVO/EVOHD+, SP+ & MG+ and most panels manufactured after 2012
  • Reports only to IPC10 receivers (does not support reporting to IPRS7/ IPR512)
  • Compatible only with BlueEye (does not support Insite Gold), Babyware 5.6.28 and Infield 5.6.22 (and up)
  • Does not support static IP connection for now (should be supported in future firmware updates)​

IP180 Installation Manual

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