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Lightning Protection Single Pole-Inhibitor-Diverter

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Lightning Protection Single Pole-Inhibitor/Diverter.


The lightning inhibitor and diverter reduces the likelihood of power surge coming through the fence wires to the energizer. It offers a two pronged approach. Firstly it inhibits the lightning surge from damaging the energizer and secondly it diverts any lightning surge away from the energizers into the ground through the earth spikes. It can be mounted onto a flat or round surface. Protection from surges coming through the mains as opposed to the fence is also available from Nemtek.


  • UV stabilised plastic housing.
  • Stainless steel plates.
  • 2 mounting screws supplied.
  • 3 arc gap setting positions – Position 1 14.5 KV; Position 2 16.0 KV; Position 3 18.5 KV

Installer manual – Lightning inhibitor and diverter

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