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Double Live Tip Fence Bracket

R53,70 (Incl. VAT)

Double Live Tip Fence Bracket.


  • The live tip double offset brackets can carry two live wires on each side of a fence.
  • The bracket itself is also live stopping anyone touching the bracket and protecting itself from tampering and damage.
  • The live tip bracket can be fastened onto any existing Y picket and wooden posts.
  • The heavy duty plastic body of the live tip insulates the bracket from the Y-picket and wooden posts.


  • Double live tips in one bracket.
  • Heavy duty design for harsh environments.
  • Discourages jumping and climbing over the fence line when placed at the top of a fence.
  • Digging under the fence line is reduced when the double offset is placed at the bottom of the fence line.
  • Quick to install with a nut and bolt which is included.
  • No sharp edges.

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