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D10 Smart 24V Sliding Gate Kit

R11779,70 (Incl. VAT)

D10 Smart 24V Sliding Gate Kit

Kit Includes:

  • 1x D10 Smart Operator.
  • 1x Foundation Plate.
  • 1x DX Controller.
  • 1x DX Charger 24V 1.8A.
  • 2x 7.2AH Batteries.

D10 Smart Installation Manual.


Attractive styling
These gate operators’ sleek design and rugged, yet modern cover will complement any driveway.

SMART speed
Pushing the limits of technology, the D10 SMART range moves even the heaviest of gates like greased lightning, helping to protect against tailgating and ensuring safe and secure entry and egress from the premises.

SMART hardware
Not only is the D10 SMART beautifully-styled, but it provides the best experience for installers with easy access to mounting hardware, backward compatibility (drop-in replacement) on existing D10 and A10 base plates, optimised cable routing and a dedicated accessory tray for complementary solutions such as GSM modules.

SMART connectivity
Set the gate limits, speed, automatic closing and unique profiles for everyone using the gate, with just a few taps.

SMART security
We’ve designed a patented theft-deterrent bracket for the D10 SMART that threads through the gearbox. Additionally, the unit has a built-in vibration sensor that can be linked to an alarm to alert you to movement or tampering at the gate, potentially helping to prevent theft of the gate motor as well as break-ins. You can even link the sensor to your armed response company to ensure swift reaction in the event of these scenarios.

SMART diagnostics
The days of spending hours in the blazing sun or pouring rain and wasting precious time trying to diagnose your client’s gate motor are officially over thanks to CENTURION and SMART technology. The MyCentsys Pro mobile app connects wirelessly to our D10 SMΔRT gate motor and gives you instant access to advanced, in-app diagnostics and logs, monitoring system health in real time and reporting on the state of the controller, batteries and operator power supply.

Speed and power
Brains and brawn! A robust but quiet 24V DC motor, coupled with a precision die-cast aluminium gearbox, generates enough torque to allow the D10 SMΔRT to shift a four-metre gate in just ten seconds – and the D10 Turbo SMART is even quicker. An oil-lubricated gearset makes sure that these operators will just keep on going.

Uninterrupted security and convenience
In the event of a power outage, the last thing you want is to be stuck outside your gate, which isn’t only hugely inconvenient, but can also pose a risk in high-security installations. You also want to avoid a scenario where you are unable to leave your property because a power outage during the night has completely drained your gate motor’s battery.

Our new D10 SMART sliding gate motor comes with a dependable 24-volt battery backup system, allowing continued operation for up to 120 cycles during power outages 1.
1. Dependant on pull force and the number of accessories connected to the

Accurate and safe position control
The unit boasts advanced safety features and cutting-edge obstruction detection technology, ensuring that your gate isn’t only secure, but completely safe. The D10 SMART also incorporates hall-effect technology, which offers the highest level of reliability and positional accuracy, as well as the best protection against

Operate wirelessly
The D10 SMART can store up to 1500 individual NOVA remote controls – and now, with the new MyCentsys Pro mobile app, managing the remote control database just couldn’t be easier. MyCentsys Pro enables you or your installer to quickly and effortlessly add, edit, delete and label remotes as well as setting up each individual button’s associated functionality, for example opening a gate fully or for pedestrians, saving you time, allowing you to customise each remote control button to suit individual needs, and making life easier for everyone.

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