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Compression 1 Hybrid 5kg Silver Nylon-Black

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Compression 1 Hybrid 5kg Silver Nylon-Black

This compression spring hybrid tensioners combines a compression spring and a tensioner all in one. The compression spring will maintain the tension of the fence wire and the ratchet tensioner can be used to increase the tension as and when required over time.


  • Heavy duty durable design.
  • Combination of a compression spring and tensioner.
  • Plastic inner which eliminates galvanic reaction.
  • Stainless steel spring for long life 5kg tension.
  • Wire diameters from 1mm to 1.2mm.


  • Material Stainless steel and UV stabilised nylon inner.
  • Spring tension maximum 15kg.
  • Operating temperature -40 to 80 Celsius.
  • Operating voltage 0- 12KV.
  • Recycling SPI resin code 7.

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