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Asterion Solar Series Gel Battery 12v 100AH

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Asterion Solar Series Gel Battery 12v 100AH

ASTERION GEL are sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries with gas recombination system (VRLA). Batteries are manufactured using AGM + GEL technology and are equipped with a built-in LCD display showing the battery status: voltage, charge level and operating time. The information panel is activated by pressing the button. In the case of low voltage, an alarm is triggered. The batteries are designed for standby and cycle uses. Recommended for use in autonomous power systems, and also in conjunction with systems based on renewable.

Performance & Characteristics:

  • Combined AGM + GEL technology LCD display shows the battery status.
  • Long service life.
  • Deep discharge stability.
  • Temperature stability characteristics.
  • Excluded acid leaks, guaranteed safe operation with other equipment.
  • There is no gas evolution, enough natural ventilation.
  • Maintenance -free. Do not require distillate topping.
  • The battery case is made of flame retardant ABS plastic.


  • Uninterruptable power supply.
  • Communication system.
  • Renewable energy systems.
  • Autonomous power supply systems.
  • Medical equipment, wheelchairs.


  • Nominal Voltage – 12V
  • Cells – 6
  • Design Life – 10-12 Years
  • Service life in Cyclic mode:
  • 100% DOD (depth of discharge) – 350 Cycles
  • 50% DOD (depth of discharge) – 700 Cycles
  • 30% DOD (depth of discharge) – 1800 Cycles

Information above has been extracted from the Data Sheet.

GEL-12-100 Data Sheet

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