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2 Stage 145mm Tangential Motor for Vacuums

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2 Stage 145mm Tangential Motor for Vacuums

  • Used in Built In Vacuum Systems
  • Two Stage.
  • Suitable for 240 volt AC operation 5060 Hz.
  • 240 volts.
  • UL recognized, category PRGY2 (E47185).
  • 5.7″ 145mm Diameter.
  • Provision for grounding.
  • Double ball bearings.
  • Skeleton frame design.
  • Single speed.
  • Epoxy painted fan case.
  • Tangential bypass discharge.
  • Non-loading fans.
  • Aluminum fan end bracket.
  • 10mm shaft and bearing system.
  • Aluminum commutator bracket.
  • Aluminum fan end bracket designed to dampen vibration and improve durability.

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